Dae Seong Co., Ltd has been in furniture industry over 20 years. Based on our affluent experience, technique, and know-hows, we produce and construct apartment furniture, kitchen furniture and regular furniture into modern automatic mechanical equipment. We have been trying our best to provide products needed from public institutions and construction companies with best qualities. We take pride in our endless effort.

All employees of Dae Seong D&F will continuously research and innovate technology. This will lead us to realize the customers’ needs with wanted products and developed technology. With our service, customers can experience developed housing cultural values with higher quality of life style. We promise our customers to provide better products in the future.

Thank you.



2009. 06Establishment of Dae Seong Co., Ltd

2010. 10Factory registration of Dae Seong Co., Ltd

2011. 06Achieving certificate of ISO9001

2011. 11Performed a task for the San Hak consortium at the Incheon University

2012. 08Performed design support business for Incheon Economic Affairs Agency

2013. 05Registration of patent (board using palm by-product and palm sludge and its manufacturing method)

2013. 11Recognition of clean business place

2013. 12Certified as venture business

2014. 04Registration of design(bench)

2014. 11Relocating in Incheon Seo-gu Gumdan Industrial Complex (Incheon Seo-gu dodam 5 ro 85)

2015. 09Certified as excellent company in job creation

2015. 10Completion of the 2nd factory

2015. 11Certification of Small and Medium-Sized Firms in Incheon Metropolitan Region

2016. 05Recognition of Enterprise Attached Institute

2017. 04Registration of patent(manufacturing method of eco-friendly furniture panel)

2017. 05Certified as an Innovation Business(INNO-BIZ)


2010. 12Awared for Minister Award from Incheon Trade Industry

2011. 12Awarded for Inchoen Small-mid-sized Company Administrator Award
Awarded for Inchoen Labor Relations Chairman Award

2013. 04A letter of appreciation from Incheon University President (college development fund)

2013. 07Awarded for Proud Seo-gu Entrepreneur Award

2013. 12Awarded for the grand prize of “New Business Creation” at Korea Federation of Small and Medium-sized Businesses
Awarded for Incheon Mayor Award

2014. 09Awarded for Inchoen Small-mid-sized Company Administrator Award

2014. 12Awarded for the grand prize of 2014 Korea public contribution (6th Person of the Year) – Sisa Today

2015. 02Awarded for Small and medium Business Corporation Incheon Area Award

2015. 12Cited for Incheon Metropolitan City Award

2016. 03Cited for Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business

2016. 052016 Korean Federation of Small and Medium Business Leaders ' Award for Small Business Development




1st Factory
Adress Incheon Seo-gu dodam 5 ro 85(oruy dong)
TEL 032-582-2100
FAX 032-831-7233
2nd Factory
Adress Incheon Seo-gu dodam 5 ro 81(oruy dong)
TEL 032-716-5877
FAX 032-716-5977